WEMA grinding machine breaks through a technological limit




The Saxon grinding machines manufacturer WEMA Glauchau repeatedly has requests for grinding machines which offer the opportunity for precise internal cylindrical grinding of very long workpieces up to a depth of 1,200 mm. Up to now this grinding depth in internal cylindrical grinding was difficult to achieve because of the length to diameter ratio of 10:1 which was seen as the technological limit. But the grinding machine manufacturer WEMA Glauchau accepted the challenge and after many years of research and development the first grinding machine WEMA S 6 XL has already successfully delivered. The second extra-long internal cylindrical grinding machine is currently in the preliminary acceptance and is going to be delivered in the next weeks. The first two extra-long internal cylindrical grinding machines find there place of action in Russia, where they will be used in the aviation and aerospace industry.

The internal cylindrical grinding machine WEMA S 6 XL with a length of about 7 m enables the enormous grinding depth of up to 1,200 mm by a movement of the Z1-axis of 1,380 mm and the stabilization of workpiece with a steady rest. The workpiece can have a length of up to 2,200 mm, a diameter of up to 600 mm and a weight of up to 600 kg (incl. clamping device).
The customer also has many different equipment options to choose on this WEMA grinding machine. These equipment options are for example: different clamping devices, a hydrostatic workpiece spindle or the integration of different measuring systems, e.g. for an automatic length and diameter check.


 Equipment of the internal cylindrical grinding machine with a steady rest for stabilizing the long workpieces of up to 1,200 mm


Especially customers with extra long workpieces, which need the highest accuracy of the grinding process, would be very interest in the new development of the WEMA Glauchau. So there is already an increased demand for the grinding machines of the series WEMA S 6 in its different versions: bore grinding machine, universal cylindrical grinding machine and grinding centre.
Continuous research and development work to optimize the grinding machines
A key competitive advantage of the WEMA Glauchau is the permanent technical and functional further development of their grinding machines. The key motivation for the research and development are often the requirements of the customers. They contact the company with special grinding tasks to get a customized and efficient solution.