WEMA S 2: the new machine design to touch




Latest developments are presented at the EMO 2011 


At EMO 2011 in Hannover, WEMA Glauchau will exhibit its fully operative machine of the newly developed S 2 series for the first time. Thereby, the new, modern, innovative, unique and at the same time functional design of WEMA’s machines will be presented to the public in full size for the first time. The new design features elevated ergonomics as well as high ease of use. The first machines in the new machine design will be delivered in the next few weeks. In the near future, there will also be a for the user optimized control panel, which includes, in addition to the classic control units, other elements, too. In addition to a mini handheld device with Axis selection, there can also be integrated other functional components and operation indicators into the console, e.g. air pressure/ water pistol.

The machines of the WEMA S2 series are equipped with two linear axes with glass scales and a holder for belt-driven grinding spindles. This ensures high precision and flexibility in the processing of work pieces. Even the basic configuration receives the latest control equipment of SIEMENS and Siemens DRIVE CLiQ by equipping the machines with Siemens Solution Line. The spindle motors are frequency-controlled, and therefore offer the possibility of a freely adjustable spindle speed. Furthermore, the user-optimized operating software WoP Glauchau is included in the entry-level machines. This software allows simple machine control without the need for any prior programming knowledge.
WEMA S 2 is a bore grinding machine for internal and external grinding of smaller workpieces of up to 200 kg (including clamping devices) and with a workpiece length and swing diameter of up to 200 mm.
First universal circular grinding machine WEMA S 10

A new grinding machine for larger workpiece dimensions left the production hall of WEMA Glauchau for the first time in July 2011. This first universal grinding machine of the 10 series, which has been delivered to a manufacturer of mining technology abroad, can be used for precise internal and external circular grinding of large and heavy workpieces up to a swing diameter of 1,000 mm and a weight up to 1,000 kg (including clamping devices). It is equipped with a steady rest, which enables the grinding of bores of a depth of up to 700 mm for long workpieces. The customer can also choose from a lot of different equipment options These include for example different clamping devices or different spindles, like belt-driven or motor-driven grinding spindles, high-frequency spindles, or a hydrostatic workpiece spindle. The integration of different measuring systems is also possible, e.g. for automatic control of length and diameter.


Universal grinding machine WEMA S 10 for accurate circular grinding of big and heavy workpieces

Continuous research and development
A key competitive advantage of WEMA Glauchau is the permanent technical and functional further development of its grinding machines.
Thus, a new grinding centre of the 6 series is designed and manufactured. It is equipped with a hydrostatic workpiece spindle and thereby reaches a concentricity of less than 0.2 µmThe hydrostatic bearing of the workpiece spindle ensures an excellent surface finish in grinding and reduces wear and tear, due to non-contact run. The newly developed grinding machining centre WEMA S 6 will also feature height-adjustable grinding spindles, which allow a higher basic accuracy in the processing of eccentric internal geometries.


EMO: Hall 11, Stand A60


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