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Benefits of a Complete Overhaul and Refitting Work

  • Increase in the pro­duc­tiv­ity of the exist­ing machines
  • No com­plete new invest­ment costs
  • Low or no costs for retrain­ing staff
  • com­pli­ance with cur­rent legal require­ments (e.g. indus­trial safety regulations)
  • Replace­ment of parts for which spare parts can only be pro­cured with dif­fi­culty or not all
  • New drive and con­trol tech­nol­ogy enables a more flex­i­ble use of your grind­ing machine
  • Higher oper­at­ing and pro­gram­ming comfort

We offer you the option of com­pletely over­haul­ing or refit­ting numer­ous WEMA Glauchau and WMW/BWF grind­ing machines. By exchang­ing obso­lete com­po­nents and replac­ing them with new ones cor­re­spond­ing with mod­ern tech­ni­cal devel­op­ments, we can adapt your exist­ing WEMA Glauchau and WMW/BWF grind­ing machine to the lat­est technology.

  • Dis­as­sem­bly and load­ing at your premises
  • Repair of parts and assem­blies includ­ing colourscheme
  • Elec­tri­cal equip­ment accord­ing to VDE standards
  • Func­tion­al­ity test includ­ing DIN accep­tance and test grinding
  • Up to 12 months warranty
  • Com­mis­sion­ing on your premises

Optional as a Retrofit:

  • Required replace­ment of parts or assem­blies through new orig­i­nal parts
  • New drive and hydraulic aggregate
  • Com­pletely new elec­tri­cal installation
  • Refit­ting with posi­tion dis­play and demagnetisationcontrol
  • Instal­la­tion of addi­tional pro­tec­tive equip­ment Com­mis­sion­ing and Oper­a­tor Train­ing at the Customer’s Site