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Our Customer Service

Upon request we will carry out reg­u­lar main­te­nance­work to ensure the trou­ble-free oper­a­tion of our customer’s equipment.

  • Spare parts pur­chase, tech­ni­cal advice and the repair of all grind­ing machines begin­ning with the 1960 mod­els of: 
    • WEMA Glauchau,
    • WMW and
    • BWF
  • Tech­ni­cal ser­vice and repairs at the customer’s premises
  • Sup­ply of replace­ment and wear­ing parts
  • Func­tional and pre­ci­sion checks for cus­tomers and­trad­ing houses spe­cial­is­ing in used machinery
  • Ser­vice agree­ments for reg­u­lar ser­vice and­main­te­nance work