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With our uni­ver­sal exter­nal cylin­dri­cal grind­ing machines of the 6 series, you can grind even par­tic­u­larly long and heavy parts with max­i­mum pre­ci­sion. The expan­sion options allow numer­ous forms of closed-door machin­ing for max­i­mum pre­ci­sion in a sin­gle clamp­ing up to inter­nal grind­ing with optional inter­nal grind­ing spindle.

None of our ‘big ones’ comes off the shelf, but is always opti­mally designed for your grind­ing tasks. We can also arrange financ­ing accord­ing to your gen­eral conditions.

Key Facts

  • heavy parts up to 5.000 kg
  • dimen­sions up to 5.000 mm length
  • grind­ing wheel Ø 500, 600 and 750 mm
  • grind­ing wheel widths up to 250 mm
  • incl. intu­itive WOP-TouchTM user interface

For #rail­road axles #rollers #tubes #shafts

For smaller and lighter com­po­nents our WOTAN® S3A is also suit­able. For even more machin­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties we offer the uni­ver­sal cylin­dri­cal grind­ing machine WOTAN® S6U.

WOTAN® S6A 3000

Uni­ver­sal CNC exter­nal cylin­dri­cal grind­ing machine the machin­ing of long and heavy components.

WOTAN® S6A 5000

Uni­ver­sal CNC exter­nal cylin­dri­cal grind­ing machine for heavy and heav­i­est com­po­nents of great length


300 mm

500 mm


3,000 mm

5.000 mm


1,500 kg

5,000 kg


2.700/3.000 mm

5.000 mm

Axis speed

0–15.000 mm/​min

Round Tool Table

Direct drive/​ Worm drive with 0,00005°

with up to 4 tool positions

Tool Man­drel Drive

Belt drive or direct drive
With­out mea­sur­ing sys­tem or with high-res­o­lu­tion C axis


  • Pre-process mea­sure­ment (to recog­nise part’s posi­tion and set zero point)
  • In-process mea­sure­ment (Ø mea­sur­ing and reg­u­lat­ing dur­ing the grind­ing process)
  • Post-process (estab­lishes Ø, checks dis­tances, sets new zero point, etc.)
  • Roller bear­ing and hydro­sta­t­i­cally sup­ported grind­ing mandrels
  • Stand­ing and rotat­ing grind­ing dressers
  • With and with­out a round machine table
  • Inter­nal grind­ing with inter­nal grind­ing spin­dles possible