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With WEMA S3U a uni­ver­sal grind­ing machine is now avail­able for the more com­plex task of the four-way machin­ing of all major work­piece sizes. The machine is equipped with vari­ably fit­ting exter­nal and inter­nal grind­ing units. The result­ing machin­ing work with just one clamp­ing oper­a­tion pro­vides deci­sive effi­ciency and pre­ci­sion benefits.

Ver­sa­til­ity is the key to con­fer­ring a major edge. Our tech­nol­ogy enables machines to per­form highly com­plex oper­a­tions. At the same time, our effi­cient periph­eral mod­ules allow a flex­i­ble reac­tion to your indi­vid­ual pro­duc­tion require­ments. This allows you to reduce labour costs and pro­duc­tion times. We can also arrange the financ­ing accord­ing to your gen­eral conditions.

Key Facts

  • 4 sides can be machined in one clamp­ing operation
  • Up to 3 swivel axes
  • Machin­ing of chuck and shaft-shaped parts (steady rest guided)
  • Cylin­ders, cones, poly­gons, threads, cams, grooves and more
  • Up to 4 insertable inter­nal grind­ing tools (fixed on B2 axis) and 3 exter­nal grind­ing tools (fixed on B3 axis)
  • up to 400mm revolv­ing diam­e­ter and approx. 400mm length which are clamped fly­ing with­out addi­tional support
  • Exter­nal grind­ing wheels with a max­i­mum of 600mm diameter
  • incl. intu­itive WOP-TouchTM user interface

For #cylin­ders #cones #poly­gons #threads #eccentrics #grooves and much more

Our WOTAN® S3A is also suit­able for smaller and lighter com­po­nents. For even more machin­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties we offer the uni­ver­sal cylin­dri­cal grind­ing machine WOTAN® S6U.


Uni­ver­sal grind­ing machine for the effi­cient, pre­cise and com­plete pro­cess­ing of small and medium-sized ­com­po­nents with the work­piece being clamped once only


Uni­ver­sal grind­ing machine for small and medium com­po­nents for effi­cient and accu­rate com­plete machin­ing in one clamp­ing and one steady rest clamping.

with­out lon­gi­tu­di­nal adjustment

with lon­gi­tu­di­nal adjust­ment of the work­piece spin­dle headstock

max. Umlaufdurchmesser

400 / 500 mm

400 / 500 mm


1,000 mm

1,700 mm


400 kg

400 kg


350 mm

350 mm


400 mm

500 mm


400 mm

400 mm


700 mm

700 mm


  • Revolver head­stock / round table with up to 4 inter­nal grind­ing spindles
  • Fixed exter­nal grind­ing unit with a grind­ing wheel (30°, 45° or 90° towards the work­piece axis) or revolver with up to 3 grind­ing wheels
  • Work­piece head­stock with B axis
  • Hydro­sta­tic work­piece mandrel
  • Cen­tre zero feeler
  • Fixed and/​or pow­ered dress­ing tools
  • Tool change system
  • Pre-process mea­sure­ment (to recog­nise the posi­tion of a part and set it to the zero point)
  • Mea­sur­ing dur­ing the process (ø mea­sur­ing and con­trol oper­a­tion dur­ing the grind­ing operation)
  • Post-process mea­sure­ment (to estab­lish the ø, check the dis­tances, set a new zero point, etc.)
  • Coolant treat­ment
  • Exhaust sys­tems
  • Engine cool­ing
  • Remote main­te­nance
  • and much more


Steve Boden­schatz

 + 49 3763 61–340