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Contract Grinding

Our SBZ 6 grind­ing cen­tre offers you pre­cise three-way machin­ing work using the inter­nal round and the­ex­ter­nal round grind­ing of small and medium-sized­parts and large parts.
We offer a wide range of con­tract grind­ing work, includ­ing chuck parts, long work­pieces with guides in steady rests and work­pieces for exter­nal grind­ing work between tops and mag­netic parts.
Other work­pieces can of course also be ground and machined at our grind­ing machin­ing centre.
It doesn’t mat­ter whether you have indi­vid­ual work­pieces or com­plete series for a con­tract grind­ing job.
Through its two inde­pen­dently oper­at­ing grind­ing units (one for inter­nal round grind­ing work and the other for exter­nal round grind­ing work), our con­tract grind­ing cen­tre is able to work with a high degree of effi­ciency and pre­ci­sion. You can test the pre­ci­sion of the grind­ing work on the site with your own mea­sur­ing devices.

Suit­able Dimensions

  • Chuck parts
  • Long work­pieces with leads in steady rests
  • Work­pieces being exter­nally ground between tips
  • Mag­netic parts


  • Work­piece lengths of up to 1400 mm
  • Inside diam­e­ters of up to 600 mm
  • Out­side diam­e­ters of up to 600 mm (pos­si­bly larger on request)
  • Grind­ing depth of up to 650 mm
  • Steady rests of up to 350 mm diameter
  • Top width of exter­nal grind­ing of up to 900 mm