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With the WOTAN® S10I, large com­plex inter­nal grind­ing tasks can be solved quickly and effi­ciently. Like all our machines, this machine type can be flex­i­bly adapted to your appli­ca­tions — exter­nal grind­ing oper­a­tions are also possible.

Since time is always impor­tant, we rely on our opti­mised pro­ce­dures: Our pow­er­ful dri­ves ensure a quick avail­abil­ity with addi­tional work and periph­eral mod­ules reduc­ing costly non-pro­duc­tive times. You stand to ben­e­fit from this through reduced cycle times, greater through­put and more sat­is­fied cus­tomers. We can also arrange the financ­ing accord­ing to your gen­eral conditions.

Key Facts

  • Machin­ing of chuck and shaft-shaped parts (steady-rest guided)
  • Inter­nal cylinder/​ cone, inter­nal poly­gons, inter­nal screw threads and more
  • Up to 4 applic­a­ble inter­nal grind­ing tools (fixed on B2 axis)
  • High bed stiff­ness due to proven systems
  • WOP-TouchTM user interface

For #cylin­der #taper #poly­gon #thread #eccen­tric

Our WOTAN® S3I is also suit­able for smaller and lighter com­po­nents. For even more machin­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties we offer the uni­ver­sal cylin­dri­cal grind­ing machine WOTAN® S6U.


Inter­nal cylin­dri­cal grind­ing ­machine for pro­cess­ing very heavy com­po­nents or par­tic­u­larly deep inter­nal diam­e­ters with the high­est pos­si­ble degree of precision.

max. Umlaufdurchmesser

1,200 mm


700 mm


1,000 kg


850 mm


500 mm


700 mm

Axis speed

0–15.000 mm/​min

Tool round table

Exter­nally dri­ven with 0.00005°
With up to 4 tool positions

Work­piece man­drel drive

Belt drive


  • Revolver head­stock with up to 4 inter­nal grind­ing mandrels
  • Work­piece head­stock with B axis
  • Work head­stock with high res­o­lu­tion C‑axis
  • Cen­tre-zero feeler
  • Fixed and/​or pow­ered dress­ing tools
  • Pre-process mea­sure­ment (detect posi­tion of part and set zero point)
  • Post-process mea­sure­ment (deter­mine ø, check dis­tances, set new zero point, etc.)
  • Coolant prepa­ra­tion
  • Suc­tions
  • Motor cool­ing
  • Remote main­te­nance
  • and much more